End of the World Party

Six friends. Four months. One Fire Island Share…what could possibly happen?

An annual summer pilgrimage to Fire Island brings six friends face-to-face with their own fears, flaws and fashion faux pas. The play takes place over a recent summer where the variously aged men convene in “the Pines” on the weekends for cruising, substance abuse and soul-searching. Executive Producer, Rick Anderson explains, “END OF THE WORLD PARTY addresses a number of contemporary issues that are rarely seen on stage, including ageism and recreational drug use in the gay community.” Gaydar Production’s returning alumni John Trones, Jon Mikkelsen, Jairus Abts, and Terry Helland, are joined by three new company members: Topher Brattain, Jacob Mahoney, and William T. Leaf.

What the critics said…

“Fabulous is surely the most overused word in the queer vocabulary, but it’s the ideal term to describe both the play, End Of The World Party, and it’s Gaydar production now onstage at the Loring Playhouse. In fact, you can add the adjective “absolutely”, because it is easily one of the funniest and most vibrant comedies, queer or nonqueer, to hit the Twin Cities theatre scene in years. This production features some of the biggest names in the local but nationally reputable queer-theatre scene…Rick Anderson and Gregg Peterson have brought an already superb group of actors to an even higher level of excellence…awesomely intricate perception of the multiple problems particular to gay men. Theses intricacies are fleshed out by Gaydar’s utterly superlative cast expertly directed by Peterson.”

John Townsend,
Lavender Magazine

“Gaydar Productions current production of Chuck Ranberg’s End of the World Party is a little gem. This sweet-natured romantic comedy, set in a Fire Island summer time-share, focuses on six housemates (each with their own baggage) during a relaxing summer. A vastly entertaining treat, this was a perfect end-of-warm-weather capper.”

Steven LaVigne,
On The Purple Circuit

“End of The World Party, a smart sex comedy set on New York’s Fire Island…

laugh out loud funny…

the play stages a debate between Apollo and Dionysus, with the contemplative and lonely Travis (Jon Mikkelsen) on one end of the spectrum and the dissolute and lonely Nick (John Trones) on the other.

The play is hard not to like, and writer Chuck Ranberg frames the to-party-or-not-to-party question in a way that isn’t just divided along generational lines or boringly nostalgic for the halcyon days after Stonewall and before AIDS. At one point, the nearing 40 Nick (Trones) regales naive Minnesotan Phil (Topher Brattain) with tales of all night binges on drugs, dancing and sex. “Well, it was a different time.” sighs Phil at the end of the story, but Nick quickly corrects him: “It was last March”

–Dylan Hicks,
City Pages