The critics agree…don’t miss “3 way!”…

By September 11, 2008 No Comments

Quinton Skinner

The considerably entertaining 3 Way! starts with a simple premise: Three friends (Dan Averitt, Jon Mikkelsen, and John Trones) wake up in bed together after a night of drunken debauchery, then try to sort things out. Life being a battleground of limited perspectives, each of them tells a different story—and we get to see all three acted out.

There’s a breezy first act in which we get a bit of back story, but it’s the sex farce, and the goofy differences in the three guys’ perspectives (including a funny running sight gag around a game of Pictionary) that win the day. You won’t be troubled by a single deep thought during 3 Way!, which is as it should be.

William Randall Beard

The bright, witty dialogue builds into a hilarious festival of queer cattiness…Jim Lichtscheidl’s direction is sharp and inventive…an extended bit of mime at opening, in which Trones is the first to wake and discover their predicament, is brilliant.